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Looking for the ONE THING to elevate your name above the mass of competition?

"I appreciate your expertise [to get my book published successfully.]"

Dr. Stephanie Steckel, DDS, M.S.

Author of the #1 New Release in Orthodontics on Amazon:

Crooked to Straight - Your Roadmap To Your Best Smile

What is the ONE THING that could raise your brand to an entirely new level... with an ROI of 10X, 100X, even 1,000X...

"Thank you for your coaching and guidance. As a first time author, I appreciate your knowledge on book publishing and how you held my hand through all the details... buying ISBN's, reviewing my submissions, and also the critical piece of helping to identify an attractive title and keywords to target for marketing. If I tried to do this myself I would have either not completed the project or it would have been lackluster. Having you as my producer helped encourage me to complete the project and give me the confidence that I could publish an eBook!"

Darren Mullen, "the Smartsheet Guru"

Author of Amazon #1 Best Seller in 90-Minute Computers & Technology Short Reads:

Smartsheet User Guide for Accelerated Learning


You can make a better world for people. They deserve to know about you.

To respect you. To admire you. To seek you out.

But first they need to know about you. And the unique value you bring.

The hero's journey is the "secret power" formula for your book.

When you apply this narrative arc to your book, your message will subconsciously and emotionally resonate with - and win over - your readers.

It will inspire them with a compelling CALL TO ACTION... an urge to CALL YOU.

"I enjoyed working with you. It would have taken twice as long and been 10X as frustrating if I had tried to do it myself. Many thanks."


Author of Home Energy Savings Made Simple:

How to Save 25% or More on Your Energy Bills


Creating and publishing a book is a major project. You need a plan and a roadmap.

What if you could get this help from someone who knows the writing and publishing of business-friendly books inside and out?

Brett Hoffstadt, PMP, P.E.

Owner, Aero Maestro Book Publishing

Let me introduce myself. After working in the aerospace industry for 20+ years, I was laid off in 2014. Tired of being dependent on specialized niche jobs in just a few geographic locations, I decided this was the time to take my career in a new direction. How could I parlay my expertise and background into a new outlet?

I decided to write and self-publish a career advice book to help younger people enter the aerospace and aviation fields. It had a successful launch. People around the world purchased it and thanked me for creating it.

Years later, I wanted to make another career change. I returned to this proven strategy. I wrote a book about drones in civil engineering. After this book was published, I received multiple offers to work in civil and environmental engineering.

Since 2015, I have been helping other professionals write, publish, and market their own books to boost their careers or businesses. Now I want to help more people benefit from this winning strategy to boost their professional life or their business.

Want to benefit from the thoroughness of a Project Management Professional and expertise of a Professional Engineer with your book project? 

Now you can!


If it weren’t for you, our book would have taken another year to publish. I like to call you 'Bookmaker Brett'.” 

Charlie Westerman

co-Author of A Twisted History of the United States, 1450-1945

What should your successful book include?

There are 9 ESSENTIAL and 10 OPTIONAL ingredients:

  • Title page

  • Copyright page

  • Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Body (main content)

  • Thank You page

  • About the Author

  • Disclaimers

  • Plus more...


"“Thank you Brett for inspiring me to create this valuable business journal.”

"Coach Jim" Kaspari

Owner of Peak Business Coaching,

Author of Peak Profits Business Journal


Let's talk about reader conversion:

  • Why is reader conversion important to you? [click to reveal]
  • Your book not only must provide INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, and INSIGHTS...

  • but also instill your readers with EXCITEMENT, CONFIDENCE, and ENTHUSIASM...

  • to motivate them to TAKE MEANINGFUL ACTION!

    Know the humbling stats of online ads? [click to reveal]

    Click Through Rates (CTR's) for online ads are considered successful when they exceed 1% of placements. That means 99% (or more) of placements do nothing!

    But it gets worse: online marketing data also shows that at most 1% of people typically go all the way through to a signup or checkout process after seeing an online ad. 

    That means online ads can be expected to have no better than a 0.01% success rate for meaningful action!

  • But a book gives you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE for target audience conversion

  • I've seen conversion rates of 10% or higher with books. This is people taking action for:

  • subscribing to or following a social media channel

  • going to an opt-in landing page

  • signing up for an email list

  • picking up the phone for a direct call

  • 3 top reasons a book boosts your conversion success: [click to reveal]
  • It gives you time and space with the reader to build a stronger, more personal connection

  • It establishes a financial precedent and bond between the reader and you

  • It gives you time and space to demonstrate your value through stories, illustrations, and vivid details 

  • But conversion doesn't happen by accident. There is a science and art to it. As someone who has dedicated significant time, money, and resources into learning these tools and skills so that I could make books more effective as marketing and sales tools, I want to give you this ability.

    Keep reading...


  • TACTIC #1: Tell a story about someone who your reader will relate to.

  • Want to know more? [click to expand]

    Expert tip: Nonfiction books need characters too. But many authors have a too small and limited cast of "characters" in their book.

    Even worse, for some authors it's only 3 people: me, myself, and I.


    Suppose you want to sell high-end services like wealth advising or estate planning. If you tell a story about one of your clients (your ideal client), now you have created a connection with those readers who can relate to this type of person.

    When you give a literal voice to these people in your book, their words should echo in the heads of your readers. Your readers will say "I can hear myself saying something similar. That's how I think." 

    When your client continues to tell the story of how you helped them achieve their goals, your reader will subconsciously say to themselves, "This person said that [Your Name Here] helped them, I bet they will help me too." 

  • TACTIC #2: Include a Thank You page with a clear and direct Call To Action (CTA).

  • Learn more... [click to expand]

    What's a courteous and professional way to end any appointment with someone? It is to give thanks or appreciation for their time and attention.

    Even if you are convinced that they should be thanking you for the great benefit and value you are offering them, it is still the right thing to do.

    A dedicated Thank You page does exactly this. It wins respect and kindness from your reader.

    Next comes the kicker... you have earned a little "debit" of gratitude and politeness with the reader. Now you can ask for some in return. 

    This is when you can make a Call To Action (CTA). It shouldn't be the only time you make a CTA in the book. (More on that ahead.) But there definitely should be a prompt to ask your reader to take some concrete and clear action to get further engaged with you. 

    Maybe it is to visit your website. Maybe it is to sign up for a free offer. It can be a request to leave a review of your book. Whatever you decide,

    be sure you have an effective Call To Action (CTA) in your Thank You page.

  • Get 7 specific tactics and techniques to 10X+ the conversion rate of your book.

  • There is a big difference between a 0.01% conversion rate and 0.1%. One book I produced for a client led to approximately 1% of its readers becoming clients. That may seem small, but it is 100X better than online ads!

    And the lifetime value of these clients means that his investment to create the book has produced an ROI of well over 1,000X.

    Click the button below to get the list of 7 high-powered conversion methods you can include in your book:

“Brett updated my first big book into something newer, shorter, & more successful by being on Amazon. Thanks to Brett more people are earning big profits from the AIM investing method."

Jeff Weber

Owner of JJJ Investing Services

Author of AIM for Millions with Stock Options

What if your business had a #1 New Release on AMAZON like Jeff's?

But let's keep it real... 

there are many reasons this may not work for you.

What could go wrong?!?

  • It's a funny line. But it's actually a serious question that I asked myself - and my coworkers - on a regular basis as a project manager on complex multi-million dollar projects.

  • Risk Assessment for your Book Project

  • If you are seriously considering a book project, what are the hard questions you should be asking yourself? [click to expand]
  • Can you do this yourself? If not, how will you find the right people to help you?

  • Can you keep this to a feasible scope?

  • Will this fit in a manageable budget?

  • Can you get this done in a reasonable time frame?

  • What if the final quality of the book is embarrassingly poor - or ineffective?

  • What are the "unknown unknowns" that could derail your book project?

  • Lessons learned from other nonfiction book projects

  • Writing, editing, and publishing nonfiction books for myself and with others has provided a wealth of insights. Whether you are a professional looking to publish a book to boost your career, or a business owner who wants a book to boost your business, how would you like to know - ahead of time - the lessons that were painful for others to learn?

Still hesitating? Here's one more thing...

The Proven Online Sales Formula

  • What every long-form landing page uses

  • What every infomercial uses

  • What every YouTube ad video uses

  • What every online marketing pitch uses

Maybe too "sales-y" for you... but don't you want to own the knowledge and power of this formula?


Brett, Thanks for all your help in getting this book done."

Dave Cornell

Realtor, Author of Lost in Transaction: The Residential Real Estate Process

Let's review everything you can get to ensure that a self-published book will boost your future...

"The book that will change your life the most is the book that you write."

Seth Godin

Entrepreneur, best-selling author, and linchpin instigator

Find what helps you most and

Make it happen for you

We are living in an age of abundance. A Golden Age where NO PERMISSION IS REQUIRED for you to write and publish a book with your name on it.

All it takes is A DECISION on your part.

Once your book is released into the world, your life will never be the same.

The lives of the people you want to help will be better off too.

Let's make it happen. Let's realize how a book will boost your life. 

"Everybody has a book with their name on it. If yours hasn't been brought into reality yet, let's fix that ASAP."


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